Age is…

My favourite birthday card this year.
It was my Birthday, I had a lovely time

Tyler Kline, “Slowly Empires form and Decay” (2014)
Mixed Media on Board

Very suspicious of people stealing his tail


This is one of the best fucking gifs I have ever seen

Jean-Baptiste MondinoMan Looking at the Origin of the World

Five Green Ponds 
Batavia, NY
"Truth is like the sun, its value wholly depends upon our being at a correct distance away from it."


"Firstly, I’m glad you survived. I don’t know how you can stand all that water. Secondly, come here. You washed off my scent."

accurate caption is accurate
Phil and Jen's Philippine Dream Honeymoon Gift List

I am getting married to the most wonderful young lady in two weeks time. There are many of you that I would love to be there but either distance, finances or english politeness prevent you from being invited/able to attend.

You can however peruse our honeymoon wedding list, contribute if you’d like but there is no obligation.

So excited.